CEDA Archive: Quick Start User Guide


On the  CEDA Help site you'll find a range of help articles to answer many user questions about using CEDA archive and services and the JASMIN infrastructure.

If you are a new or existing user of the CEDA archives and wondering where to start, please see the related articles below or use the search function to find other relevant help articles.

The following CEDA Archive Users Guide is designed to help new and returning users find, access and make use of data held in the CEDA archives. This pages applies mainly to users of the  atmospheric and earth observations archives, but users of the UKSSDC and IPCC-DDC may also find useful information here.

Dataset specific question

Whilst the following " CEDA Archive User Guide" pages have been designed to address many common questions, users will find answers to most dataset specific questions on the relevant dataset catalogue pages. Please see the "Discovering Datasets" section for details on how to do this.

Further Assistance

CEDA runs a dedicated helpdesk to assist users in a variety of ways from account issues, finding and making use of specific data to scientific and data format enquiries. Users are asked to check this user guide, dataset and format documentation initially as most answers will be already documented, but are welcome to  contact us for further assistance.

We will aim to give an initial response to the query within one working day and to resolve the query as quickly as possible, depending on available resources and query complexity.

Following CEDA Announcements

The best way to get up to date information about CEDA Archive and services is to follow our various news channels:

CEDA website

Twitter - @cedanews

CEDA RSS feed and CEDA Atom feed
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