CEDA Archive account

The accounts system is currently being redeveloped.

There is currently ongoing work to upgrade our CEDA accounts management systems. If you have an older CEDA account (made more than 2 years ago), please make sure you've updated your password or you may not be able to log in. Newer users or user's who have updated their password in the last 2 years should not need to do anything.

Access to CEDA Archive datasets and other resources sometimes requires you to have a CEDA Archive account. While much of our data are openly available to non-registered users, there are two principle reasons for having CEDA Archive accounts:

  1. Some data has restricted use and hence access control. 
  2. Some data, while open for any use, may still require usage statistics to be gathered. For example, data from research facility may need usage metrics to justify the data collection. 

Setting up a CEDA Archive account

Anyone can register for a CEDA user account. We only use your details for the purpose of access control and analysing usage - see our CEDA Privacy Statement.

Please note:  accounts are for individual use only and passing on your account to others is not permitted as this could invalidate any access licenses already granted.

Register for a CEDA account

Logging in 

You will be prompted to login at various places around the CEDA Archive, for example, when trying to access restricted datasets. Follow the onscreen instructions

Administering your CEDA user account

To help us maintain our services, please keep your account details up to date.

Update and view your account details

This is important as such changes as change of country or institution type may effect your access to some restricted resources (for example, access to ECMWF data is only available to UK based researcher, so someone either moving abroad and/or out of an academic institution would no longer be able to make use of those data).

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