Data Access - public and restricted data

While each dataset in the CEDA archive is covered by its own usage licence, access to data is split into the following access types:

Public data

These datasets can be accessed via the main CEDA archives without needing to log in (though a CEDA account is needed for FTP access to the CEDA Archive).

You can see a full list of our public datasets here:

CEDA Data Catalogue listing of 'Public' access datasets

Registered user data

These data are available to all registered users and simply require the user to log into their account when prompted to do so. This restriction has typically been applied to permit anonymised usage and download statistics to be reported to the data provider and to provide a means for CEDA to contact users if an issue regarding the dataset arises.

In addition to those datasets made publically available (see above) you can see a full list of datasets available to all registered users here:

CEDA Data Catalogue listing of 'Registered User' access datasets

Restricted data 

At times data need to be restricted either to a limited user group for some reason (e.g. field campaign participants) or where access applications from users need to be first checked and authorised to ensure the proposed usage lies within the licence for the data (e.g. for Met Office data access). Further details about accessing these restricted data are given below.  Access to some of these data may subsequently be altered to a more permissive access type, e.g. for NERC funded data access should be opened up no later than 2 years after the date of collection/production. However, other datasets  - typically third party datasets where CEDA is acting to assist the community to access these data - will remain restricted (e.g. Met Office data and ECMWF data).

Off-line content

In addition to online content, some data held by CEDA, mainly within the UKSSDC, are only available as either as a physical artefact (e.g. photographic plates of sun spot activity) or have been digitised but require processing before they can be made available. In such cases users are requested to contact CEDA to discuss access to such content.

Applying for access to restricted datasets 

Find the data you need by searching the  CEDA Metadata Catalogue.

Please read the  Catalogue Intro to efficiently find the data you are looking for.

Once you will have found the Dataset of interest, click on the "Apply for access" button on the dataset's catalogue page to apply for access . This will take you through the dataset application process where you will be asked to provide details of your intended use of the restricted data. 

It is important to provide sufficient information in your application for it to be assessed by the person authorising your request - this may be someone within CEDA for third party data or someone external for project related data. Thus, there may be a delay in access being approved, but CEDA aims to process applications as quickly as possible (within 1 working day for applications we can process and within 1 month where external authorisers are involved to allow for annual leave etc.).

Occasionally we may need to contact you for further information about your application or to ensure that the application is just for yourself (the dataset usage licence is only applicable to yourself  - others wishing to use the data must submit their own application for access).

Once your application has been processed you will receive an email notifying you of the decision - either telling you that you have access to the restricted dataset or that it has been rejected for some reason. 

Change of use, Extending access and Renewing access

Access to restricted data is only granted for the purpose under which the application was submitted and for the duration of the licence. Therefore, if you wish to use the data for an alternative use or to either renew your access or have it extended then a fresh application should be submitted to ensure that a new data usage license is granted.

This can be easily done from your "myCEDA" page by clicking on the plus symbol next to your existing data access listed under the "My datasets and services" tab.

Each application will be judged on its own merit to ensure that it is compatible with the usage restrictions applied to the dataset. 

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