Download Data from CEDA Archives

General Download Services

Download Tool Link to service Suitable for:
CEDA OPeNDAP   Used for browsing the archive file system and interactive downloads. It's also a scriptable interface (API) to the archive over http, allowing remote subsetting within IDL, Matlab. Python etc. 
FTP and small - medium scale data downloads. The only contains a small subset of data that can be downloaded anonymously (with no login).

Metadata Services

Interface Link to service Suitable for:
CEDA Catalogue 
Browsing information about the datasets in the archive.   
Programatically interrogating the CEDA Catalogue using Catalogue Service for the Web service API. 
Programatically interrogating the CEDA Catalogue using OAI-PMH API. This is protocol for metadata harvesting and is suitable for doing federated searches. 

Bulk download options 

There are various options to bulk download data. You can see our most up to date suggestions by clicking on the 'bulk download options' button on the download service webpage (see image below). 

Once you have clicked on the button, it will show you our recommended bulk download options.  

Specific data set services

Tools to subset or aggregate data before downloading are available for some data. These are linked to from the catalogue page for that dataset.

Examples of these tools are:

Direct file system access to the archive  

JASMIN is a globally-unique data analysis facility. It provides storage and compute facilities to enable data-intensive environmental science. You can access the CEDA Archive via JASMIN - this allows direct file system access. You will need to create a JASMIN account (if you do not already have one). JASMIN users should consult the JASMIN documentation for more information about direct CEDA Archive access and appropriate data transfer mechanisms

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