Download Data from CEDA Archives

Download data data from CEDA archive is possible via a number of tools. These are listed below with links to specific information. Alternatively, for some data it may be possible to make use of some of the CEDA data tools to carry out tasks ahead of downloading - for example the CEDA WPS service may offer ways of subsetting large datasets to pull our a time series and/or a specific geographical area. Please see the data tools help pages for further information on these services. Note, you may need to apply for access to a particular dataset or service before you are able to access the data.

JAMSIN users should consult the JASMIN documentation on direcct CEDA Archive access and appropriate data transfer mechanisms

Download Tool Link to service Suitable for:
CEDA Archive Web Download
small scale data downloads
FTP small - medium scale data downloads
CEDA OPeNDAP A scriptable interface to the archive over http, allowing remote subsetting within IDL, Matlab. Python etc. 

Alternative Data Access Routes

Users can additionally access parts of the CEDA Archive either directly via the JASMIN data analysis system or the Earth System Grid Federation. Details of these services are available from the following links:



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