User Registration and Account Administration

Access to CEDA datasets and resources may require a CEDA login account - though some are openly available to non-registered users too. Having a CEDA user account will enable you to immediately access some additional datasets which have been limited to all registered users (in order to allow us to improve our usage monitoring) and to apply for access to additional resources.

Setting up a CEDA user account

CEDA user accounts are quick and easy to set up and freely available to all users. All instructions are provided to guide you through the process. To see how we will make use of the information you provide please read the CEDA Privacy Statement.

Please note: accounts are for individual use only and passing on your account to others is not permitted as this could invalidate any access licenses already granted  - e.g. for services or data access.

Click here to register for a CEDA account 

During the registration process you will be asked to create a password. This should be:

  • Passwords must be at least 6 characters long
  • Passwords must be no longer than 13 characters
  • Passwords must not be the same as the username
  • Password should not match a previously used password
  • Passwords must not be common dictionary words or names
  • Common replacements of certain letters with digits does not make common dictionary words more secure, e.g. colour -> c01our
  • Passwords can contain any characters including numeric, alphabetic and punctuation

Logging in and openIDs

You can choose to log into your CEDA account at any time at by going to:

Alternatively you can log in when you are prompted to at various places aroud the CEDA archive and services, such as when trying to access restricted datasets or services. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.

CEDA also support the option of logging in with OpenIDs. Doing so allows you to login using an account on another service provider for which we ask your permission to request required credentials to help authenticate you and determine what access you are able to have. Likewise, you can use your CEDA account to log into other services which support openID logins such as other portals of the Earth System Grid Federation. To do this use your open id as found on your CEDA account, which will look something similar to:

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten the password for your account you can easily request a reset by using the " Forgot your password?" link when you attempt to login.

This will ask for your email address and will send you a link to use to reset your password. This is time-limited and can only be used for the password on your account. Following the link you will be allowed to reset your password.

If you cannot remember the email address for your account  contact us clearly stating who you are, where you are working/studying and your BADC account username if known. CEDA Support will used these details to find your account and issue a password reset - due to password encryption CEDA staff are unable to see the password issued.

Please note that due to Data Protection requirements, we are unable to send account details to another email address than the one you originally registered with (i.e. the email address associated to your CEDA account in our records). In such cases you may need to re-register with CEDA.

Administering your CEDA user account

To help CEDA maintain it services and support to you we ask that users keep their user account details up to date.

This is important as such changes as change of country or institution type may effect your access to some restricted resources (for example, access to ECMWF data is only available to UK based researcher, so someone either moving abroad and/or out of an academic institution would no longer be able to make use of those data).

In addition, by keeping your account details up to date this assists CEDA when we need to contact users to inform them of changes to data and services that might affect them and helps us to swiftly assist though our dedicated helpdesk.

To maintain your CEDA user account you simply have to log on to your " myCEDA" account and then select the "Edit Details" option. You can do this at any time and changes will take immediate effect.

Through editing your " myCEDA" account you can also upload your public ssh-key which is required for access to the JASMIN/CEMS systems - to do this please use the "Edit details" option.

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