To assist users to gain access to restricted datasets and services and to allow CEDA to provide greater levels of support CEDA has set up a registration system for those who wish to have an account with CEDA. Details of whether or not to register and, if so, how to register for a free CEDA account can be found on the  User Registration and Account Administration page.

Once registered a user will then be able to administer their account and see a bespoke list of datasets and services that they have access to from their  myCEDA account page.

The myCEDA account replaces the myBADC and myNEODC pages that previous users will be accustomed to in the past - and there is no need to register for a CEDA account as they are all within the same system.

Logging into myCEDA page

There are a number of places where users can login to their account and see their myCEDA page. 

From the main CEDA site this can be found under the "Services" menu, while users can also access it from:

MyCEDA contentsmyCEDA login page

The myCEDA page has been designed to allow users to access and edit relevant information quickly and logically, based around a tab layout.

Once logged in the user will see a welcome page with their details displayed. There is also an Edit button to correct information displayed or to change the users password.

The datasets and services page on myCEDA pages

Datasets and Services

This tab shows the user all the restricted datasets and services that they have been given access to - either their present access or their expired accesses. For each entry the user can see a link to the relevant resource they have access to, the expiry date of that access and a research description under which access has been granted. It is important for users to be aware that their access can only be used for the specific use under which it has been granted. The last column provides a link to the user's licence for the restricted resources (where CEDA has an electronic copy available for viewing) and a plus symbol that allows users to submit a new application for that resource - for example to extend use or to apply to use the same resource for an alternative use for which a fresh application is required.

My Requested Data

Requested data tab on myCEDA pageThis final tab provides a link to your "my requested data" directory. This directory is where we will place any bespoke data extractions that you have requested, for example the trajectory service.  For further details on how to administer this area please see the "my requested data" help sections. Note - the data under this area are NOT backed up and may be deleted at anytime to allow CEDA to administer this area on a fair-usage basis.

For further details on accessing your requested data area by the website or ftp please  see here.

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