Bulk download: WGET

There are a number of methods for undertaking bulk downloads of data from the CEDA archive. Details on how to use them at any given point in the archive are displayed in the data.ceda.ac.uk service by clicking on the shopping trolley icon at the top of the directory view.

One option is to use WGET... however, to use this service a valid CEDA user account in order to obtain a client certificate to use with the request on the command line.

Getting your client certificate

You can generate a short-lived client certificate by following this guide on the CEDA help site, particularly the "Getting a Security Certificate" section. The guide uses cURL as an example, but once you have a client certificate, you can provide it with your wget request using the "--certificate" option of the wget command line tool.

wget --certificate $PWD/creds.pem -e robots=off --mirror --no-parent -r <some data URL>

Note the data URL will be to access the data via our OpenDAP service, for example:

wget --certificate $PWD/creds.pem -e robots=off --mirror --no-parent -r https://dap.ceda.ac.uk/badc/ukmo-midas-open/data/uk-radiation-obs/dataset-version-202107/aberdeenshire/00145_cairnwell

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