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What is Datamad?

DataMAD is a NERC system for managing NERC grants and data archiving amongst the NERC datacentres. The application provides processes to claim grants from data producing projects and generate tickets in JIRA to manage the pipeline from project start to data production, delivery and archiving.

How do I get a login?

To request a login you will need to contact admin: Wendy

She will then ask you to login and reset your password

Does Datamad have a user guide?

The user guide can be found here

How do I find CEDA's grants?

Grants can be filtered by Data Centre at the top and the side. Individual grants can be searched.

How do I create a DMP?

To create a DMP you firstly need to add data products. This can be added on the right-hand side: 

Next, add in the relevant data product information note that at CEDA usually the Digitial data products and model source code sections are used. You will also see other options.

The next step is to go back on to the grant page and click 'Generate Document from template' on the right-hand side:

Select the relevant template. A downloadable document will be produced. Make any amendments that are needed and add the DMP to the grant. Note this is no longer a google doc so you will need to save it on your desktop to upload.

Add the relevant tags. I usually add the version number and draft.

Once the PI has agreed to the DMP update your product information and attach the final DMP. Also, make a note on JIRA and add the DMP agreed component. 

How do I link to JIRA?

On the grant page on the right-hand side, there is a button to convert the grant to a JIRA ticket. The Grant will then appear in JIRA under the 'NEW unassigned projects' in the CEDA dashboard

How do I claim an unassigned grant?

In the unassigned filters, there are grants associated with every datacentre. Once you have confirmed the grant is relevant to CEDA by checking the information and the ODMP, you can 'claim' the grant and 'convert to JIRA'. Make sure you do remember to convert to JIRA as this is the point where grants can get lost.

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