CEDA Archive Service Status

You can see the status of the CEDA main archive services via:

The link can be used to check whether our different websites are broken or running fine and see how stable they have been over various time scales.

Clicking on the different services from the list above will provide more detailed statistics for that service.

What are the services covered by the status page?

The different services monitored are :

Service URL Description
DAP https://dap.ceda.ac.uk This is our usual download route. When it is broken you may see a timeout error message. This service is pointed to from our main data index.  
Data index https://data.ceda.ac.uk This provides the listing of files and directories in the archive.
FTP ftp://ftp.ceda.ac.uk/ An alternative route to the archive data. This requests a CEDA account. 
FTP Anon ftp://anon-ftp.ceda.ac.uk/  Another data download service. It doesn’t require a log in, but currently holds very limited datasets. So you may not be able to see the data you are after - we are working on increasing the range of datasets.
CEDA Archive https://archive.ceda.ac.uk/ The main archive website. Mainly this just aids navigation to the other services. 
Arrivals https://arrivals.ceda.ac.uk/intro/ This is the service where CEDA accepts data that is deposited by providers into the archive.
CEDA Catalogue https://catalogue.ceda.ac.uk
The catalogue of all the data we hold. 
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