Where to put data docs

Creating archive content and catalogue records for datasets also uncovers documentation that is important to capture. However, knowing where to place this and how to link to it is sometimes and art in itself. This flow chart might help deciding how to handle this:

How to decide where items reside

To determine where to place an item the following flow chart should be used:


  1. Is the material already in a stable, external location (e.g. recognised document repository, journal or well established site)? Yes -> Link to existing item from the catalogue page.
  2. Is the object dynamically generated when requested by a client call? Yes -> Object is out of scope (i.e. CGI script, service, etc etc)
  3. Is access control needed for the Object?Yes -> place object in the archive in appropriate location (i..e. /<datacenetre>/<primary collection>/<images|plots|docs|software>/
  4. Does BOTH the URL and the OBJECT need to be persistent? Yes -> Recommend the user places it into suitable long-term repository such as Zenodo and to inform you of the link to the object.
  5. Does the URL need to be persistent, but the OBJECT is changeable (that we will manage)? Yes -> place object in the CEDA Artefact server (CEDA Artefacts guide)

Out of scope and you're on your own... (too bespoke... but check with someone first (e.g. curation manager or main person for catalogue questions!)

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