The arrivals deleter is a command line utility to remove files and directories from the /datacentre/arrivals area. This area is mounted read-only so it is impossible to delete files directly. Other simple operations are available such as making directories and renaming files. use the -h option to find out more.

(ingest) [badc@ingest1 test]$ arrivals_deleter [-d] [OPTIONS] file1 [file2...]
    (or --delete ...)

       deletes named files file1 etc
       (NB delete is the default action, so -d can be omitted) -r [OPTIONS] file1 file2
    (or --rename ...)

       renames file1 to file2 -m [OPTIONS] dir1 [dir2...]
    (or --mkdir ...)

       make directory dir1 etc --delete-recursive [OPTIONS] dir1 [dir2...]

       recursively delete directory dir1 etc

    OPTIONS are:

       -i (or --interactive)

                       prompt interactively for each file / directory
                       WARNING: only prompts for each file / directory
                       explicitly listed on command line (including
                       expanded from wildcard), NOT for items
                       encountered during recursion with

       -l loginfile    read login details from specified file
       (or --login-file=...)

    For more information, see the doc string of the python class
    (see this also for spec of the login details file).
    (or --delete ...)

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