CEDA Manual Metadata Store (CMMS)

The CEDA data catalogue (MOLES) is integrated with other CEDA systems to automatically pull in useful metadata where possible. For example, file and parameter information can be harvested from the File Based Index (FBI).  However, there are cases when this doesn't work so complementary metadata store is required:

The CEDA Manual Metadata Store (CMMS).


An introduction to using the CMMS with MOLES can be found here

Remember - a CMMS entry related to an Observation record in MOLES. No other record!

What metadata can a CMMS entry hold?

A CMMS entry can hold one or more of the following types of information for a dataset to augment those scraped from elsewhere:

  • Parameters
  • Temporal range
  • Geographic bounding box
  • Total Volume – for external, offline or removed content
  • Number of files – for external, offline or removed content
  • Licence and access details – for external content, offline or removed content

When to make a CMMS entry

You will need to create a CMMS entry where you need to

  1. External datasets (not covered by FBI)
  2. Offline datasets (so not covered by FBI)
  3. Removed datasets (so no longer covered by FBI - NOTE need to capture the parameters before you delete!)


Where there is an FBI content issue. E.g. :

  1. no parameter information available
  2. missing some information
  3. content is incorrect


The following are some common workflows that may be needed.

Find/Creating a CMMS Entry

Adding parameters to a catalogue record

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