Dataset quality statement templates

Here a few example data quality statements are provided: 

  1. The data are made available as provided by the project. 
  2. The data were quality controlled by the data provider (see documentation). 
  3. The data have been quality controlled by the project team, the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) have performed additional quality control to meet international standards. (GAP - what are these standards? we'd need to reference them somehow if we make this statement)

GAP - 1 and 2 we should also state that CEDA have not undertaken any quality control on the data themselves.

GAP . - also need to be explicit that the level of QC on the data is unknown... e.g. for 1:

1. The data are provided as-is with no quality control undertaken by the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA). The data suppliers have not indicated if any quality control has been undertaken on these data.

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