Getting started as a data scientist

This document is aimed at a new starter getting them started with archiving data.

  1. Get a CEDA account...
  2. And a JASMIN account (including creating a SSH key and save it on your computer)
  3. Ask Andrew Harwood for access to the following services
    1. DMP tool 
    2. Security DMP
    3. CEDA archive app to make filesets.
    4. User database
    5. Helpscout 
    6. Add for science support group so that you can login to ingest1, etc.
    7. make a catalogue account to make catalogue records
  4. Set up a moberxterm (for windows machine) or equivalent to a mac to access JASMIN
  5.  Login into and test.
    1. Access the archive ( ls /badc/ or ls /neodc/)
  6. To set up a new dataset follow the Setting up a New Dataset document
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