CEDA Archive Terms and Conditions

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) Archive (hereafter the CEDA Archive) is one of the designated data centres operated for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). This service is run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Both NERC and STFC are part of the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). The CEDA Archive refers to both the data archive and its associated services.

These Terms and Conditions of Access are presented to new users when they register using the the CEDA Archive Accounts.

These Terms and Conditions of Access are subject to modifications and additions, for example to reflect changes to the CEDA Archive and services. However, we anticipate they will change rarely, if at all. You will be notified of any modifications to these conditions using your registered email address. Any modifications or additions to these conditions will be effective immediately. If you do not agree to the modified conditions, you should discontinue your use of the CEDA Archive where required to log in. Note that in all cases the Terms and Conditions include an undertaking by you as to your conduct, and an agreement by you as to what we can do with your personal data.

Please read these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, we will not be able to allow you to register and/or use the service requested. These Terms and Conditions are offered only in English.

The following classes of “CEDA user” are covered in this document:

  1. Standard user of the CEDA Archive and associated services.
  2. Resource authorisers and nominated deputies with responsibility for approving or rejecting requests for access to a particular resource or service (e.g. a restricted dataset or service), including those with “view only” access to see user details, but not approving applications.

All use of the CEDA Archive and associated services requires users to agree the general terms and conditions, including the acceptance of the conditions under which the service is operated.

General Terms and Conditions

You agree:

  1. To observe the JANET Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Not to disrupt the working of the service, for example by knowingly introducing malicious software into it, nor to try to breach its security or use resources which aren't assigned to you.
  3. Not to interfere with other users' work, corrupt their data or invade their privacy.
  4. Not to infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  5. Not to take or access data from any database or dataset without explicit or implied license.
  6. Not to use the service for illegal or immoral purposes, such as theft, fraud, drug-trafficking, money-laundering, terrorism, pornography, violence, cruelty, incitement to racial hatred, prostitution, paedophilia, or for offensive, obscene, abusive, menacing, defamatory or insulting behaviour.
  7. To observe any further requirements as laid down if you fall into one of the additional classes of CEDA Archive user given below.

You accept:

  1. That the service is provided "as is" and we can't guarantee 100% perfection. In legal terms, this means that we are excluding all warranties and conditions applying to the service, including those implied by law. We are not liable if things go wrong and you suffer damage as a result, although if our negligence results in anyone's death or personal injury we do not limit or exclude our liability for that.
  2. That you are responsible for your use of any advice or information we may give you. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that it's true and useful, but we can't guarantee this. In legal terms, this means that we expressly disclaim any and all liability for all representations, statements, conditions or warranties to that or any other effect except to the extent that such liability may not be lawfully excluded.
  3. That we may make changes in the service.
  4. That you alone are responsible for what you do when using the service. If you break the law you alone must answer for it, and if you cause damage to anyone else, you alone are liable, not us.
  5. That the use of the service by nationals of certain countries is controlled by special regulations laid down by the UK Government in connection with the Wassenaar Arrangement.
  6. That we may make reasonable changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time, and, once we have posted those changes on our website and emailed you at the latest email address we have for you, the new version will then apply to you.

Archive User

In addition to the general terms and conditions, you also agree:

  1. To provide us information about your work and yourself as and when requested so that appropriate resource management decisions (e.g. applications for restricted datasets) can be made, and to let us know if this information changes (for example, you move institution).
  2. Only to use the service/resource for the purposes for which you were given access, for example, to work on NERC funded project covered in your resource application.
  3. Not to use another person's account, nor to let other people use your accounts, except by agreement with us.
  4. To comply with any special conditions that may apply to particular resources, e.g. datasets.
  5. To inform us if you believe your credentials have been compromised, or if you become aware that the security of our systems is compromised in any way.

You also accept:

  1. That we will use the personal details which you supply to us, together with records of your use of the service, as described in our Personal Data and Privacy Policy.
  2. That we may suspend your access to the service/resource if it seems to us that you are breaking these Terms and Conditions and that we have the right to close your account.

Data Providers

  1. The CEDA Archive is one of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Data centres. The depositor confirms that they are the owner of the data and/or has the right to deposit the data in a NERC archive.
  2. Your ownership of the data remains unchanged when deposited in the archive. However, NERC reserves the right to store the data, and make the data available under an appropriate licence.
  3. The depositor is also giving NERC permission to translate the data to any medium or format for the purpose of future preservation and accessibility. Any preservation actions taken will try not to change the meaning of the data significantly.
  4. The description of the data provided for catalogue records will be made freely available for any purpose.  This may be harvested by other cataloging and indexing services.
  5. If the dataset needs to be withdrawn, for any reason, a tombstone catalogue record will be kept in its place. Any request for withdrawal of a dataset will need to be justified before it is taken down.
  6. It’s the data providers responsibility to make sure that malicious, offensive or illegal content is not deposited in the archive.
  7. Any personal information such as data creator email addresses should only be included where appropriate to enable traceability of the data.

Application Approvers and Viewers

CEDA Archive users may be designated as application approver or viewer with regards to restricted data in the CEDA Archive. Approvers have responsibility to review and approve applications for access to their restricted resource. Viewers are granted permission to view user details, including provided research information, of users utilising their restricted data. A user may hold either or both of these roles.

As such a user, in addition to the general terms and conditions, you also agree, where applicable:

  1. Not to disclose the personal information of any CEDA Archive user to a third party.
  2. To make decisions in a fair and unbiased way, based solely on their eligibility to access the service or resource.

You also accept:

  1. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the withdrawal of your approver or view role.

The CEDA Archive Team agrees:

  1. As far as we reasonably can, to provide a 24-hour service as described on this website, it being understood that there will be times when the service is unavailable, for example as a result of unexpected failures, maintenance work or upgrades.
  2. To take reasonable steps to protect your data from being lost or corrupted whilst in our care.
  3. To protect the security and privacy of the data we hold about you, as described in our Personal Data and Privacy Policy.
  4. That we will acquire no intellectual property rights over your data, documentation or software.
  5. To respond promptly to any complaints or suggestions you make about the service.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and the English courts.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us.

Version: 1

Published: 25 May 2018

Last Revised: 25 May 2018

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