How to put MIDAS data into ArcGIS

The Met Office MIDAS datasets can be used in GIS packages. This page will outline the steps needed to make the MIDAS datasets compatible for ArcGIS.

Step 1 

Follow the MIDAS quick start guide to extract and prepare your data.

Step 2

Gather the longitude and latitude coordinates for your station(s) that are in your data by using the Met Office Midas Station search.  The longitude and latitude will appear in a table as shown below.

Step 3

Insert two columns into your data file, one for the longitude and the other for latitude. Ensure each row with data then has the longitude and latitude for its station (see below for an example).

Step 4

Save your file as a CSV file.

Step 5

Add the CSV file as a base layer using the add icon.

Step 6

Use the Add XY to data tool by right clicking on the layer. Add XY as Longitude and Latitude.

Step 7

Your station will now appear on a map as a dot. Each dot will contain the measurements for the station.

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