EO Data at CEDA

CEDA holds a significant volume of EO data for the UK community.  Some of this has been generated by the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO).  

EO data from various missions can be found using the  Satellite Data Finder.  You can search on location and date using this service.  Currently, not all CEDA EO datasets are included within this service.  Data from airborne missions (ARF, FAAM) can be found in the Flight finder.

Popular EO datasets:

CEDA is the primary archive for NCEO and other NERC research data.

All EO data from the archive can be simply downloaded from the  data index.

Information on all EO datasets held at CEDA can be found in the  CEDA catalogue.  Information on access and licensing can be found in the catalogue.

However, if you still can't find the data that you need, please free to get in touch and we'll do what we can to assist.

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