Dataset plans

This help page describes CEDA's generic dataset plans for the CEDA archive. Once CEDA has decided the data is suitable for deposit, one of the following categories will be assigned depending on the level of interest to the scientific community. The categories are reference, structured, compatible, in-project, other repository, other NERC data centre or other DMP. These categories are described below.


These are data that needs to be discoverable and downloadable, but is left to the user to work out some of the usability issues. CEDA will make a catalogue entry and add the data files to the archive. This is a suitable solution if there is not likely to be mass interest in the data and its principal use will be to provide evidence for publication.

Minimum qualification: a paper referencing the dataset. 


As well as the reference, these data are in a community supported format, with a defined file and directory naming convention. It may also have specified file level metadata attribute conventions. The data are more usable by third parties and is suitable for a dataset where there is an intention to make the data more reusable.

Minimum qualification: evidence of use of similar datasets by CEDA core communities. 


In addition to being structured, these data are connected to specified community tools or systems that enable better discovery or processing. For example, climate model data in ESGF, MIDAS data in the WPS or aircraft data in the Flight Finder.

Minimum qualification: evidence of use of similar datasets by CEDA core communities and community tool specifications. Some evidence that the data will fit the tools.


Data that are not required to be shared outside of the project. These are data we don’t plan to see in the archive at all.

Other repositories

Data that are more suited to being archived in a different repository. This may be an action to check the data are in the external archive?


Data to go to other NERC data centre; 

  • BODC - British Oceanographic Data Centre
  • EIDC - Environmental Information Data Centre 
  • PDC - Polar Data Centre
  • NGDC - National Geoscience Data Centre

Other DMP

The Data is planned for in another DMP. For example, a campaign may reference FAAM core data, but we will plan for this data under the FAAM DMP. 

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