CEDA Satellite Data Finder - Troubleshooting

Here are some of the known issues with possible solutions. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us either through leaving feedback via the Feedback Form or contact us here.

Why aren't there many results?

To keep the search interface lightweight and fast, only the first 1000 results are drawn on the screen. There may be more hits in a given area, but they may not be drawn by the interface - this is to improve performance and keep the searches working in real-time. The total number of results is displayed below the Export Results button. It is best to refine the search to get fewer than 1000 results.

Why is the quicklook image the wrong orientation?

This is a known issue and has been brought from the ESA (European Space Agency) archive. There is no fix at this time. In the future a solution may be explored.

Why can't I see the quicklook image?

There are two options if the quicklook is not loading.

  1. For the Sentinel 3 dataset, there are currently no quicklook images. This will show the image below:

  2. If the image below is displayed, you need to be signed in at data.ceda.ac.uk

  3. Why is it taking so long to load?

    The results have been limited to 1000 to help with rendering performance but speed is dependant on your internet connection and the speed of your computer. If it appears that the page is stuck, load time > 20 seconds, refreshing the page will usually snap it back.

    Where is the rectangle tool?

    There has been one instance where the rectangle tool and map key were rendered below the map. This indicates that the styling has not loaded properly.

    This can be fixed by performing a hard refresh using Shift + F5 or Shift + Click Refresh in browser.

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