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CEDA aims to support all members of our user community accessing and using its archives and services. Some of this support is covered by the  JASMIN support team who are responsible for JASMIN system administration and "tenancy" administration. The CEDA team additionally provides support for all CEDA's services and archives.

Support Hours

CEDA and JASMIN services are supported on a best-efforts basis. Support will be provided during normal working hours, defined as between 0900 and 1700 on Monday to Thursday and between 0900 and 1630 on Friday, excluding Public Holidays and STFC Privilege Days. Note that times are given in UK time.

Support channels

CEDA are constantly seeking to improve our user support ahead of any issues, but sometimes things don't always go to plan. To help users as much as possible we have the following assistance resources available

  • CEDA help documentation site: help.ceda.ac.uk - covers all aspects of data services and archive
  • If you think a service is broken or having issues you can view it's uptime on the status page.  This should give you a clue about whether you problem specific to you or there is a more general problem with a service being down.
  • Help Beacons - these appear at the bottom right of CEDA services and allow you to search our help documentation or get in touch quickly and easily and have a handy list of the most relevant help pages already listed for you
  • Dataset documentation and news - each dataset is covered by a Dataset record in CEDA's data catalogue. On there you'll find links to documentation (under the "docs" tab), background information (e.g. data quality information) and news items specifically about the data in question (e.g. news of issues, updates, other superseding datasets)
  • CEDA news channels - where you may find news items detailing new datasets/service, upcoming scheduled work or known live service issues
  • Dedicated staffed help desk: support@ceda.ac.uk (preferred); 01235 446432

Our commitment

The CEDA and JASMIN teams together undertake to:

  1. Attempt to provide an initial response to all support queries within one working day.
    • When responding to support queries, the CEDA Team will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and useful, but we can't guarantee this. You are responsible for your use of any advice or information we may give you.
  2. Be proactive in communicating important service updates and issues to users via the CEDA news channels and JASMIN mailing lists. Advance warning of known service interruptions will be made where possible.
    • Users are encouraged to sign up to these services to remain abreast of these news announcements.
  3. Maintain online help documentation to aid users to find answers to common queries ahead of contacting the CEDA support desk for further assistance.
    • Online documentation is a “best efforts” activity. Users are encouraged to provide positive suggestions which will improve documentation.

For further specific information on JASMIN support please see the  JASMIN Support page.

CEDA News Channels

The latest CEDA news headlines are on the  CEDA home page, but past news items are available here.

We also provide  RSS feed and Atom feeds

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Contact CEDA

Email address: support@ceda.ac.uk

Phone number: +44 (0)1235 446432

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