CMIP5 Data

The WCRP CMIP5 programme was one of the most comprehensive combined climate modelling experiments ever performed in climate science and produced huge quantities of data archived around the world by members of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF).

To assist use of the CMIP5 data, CEDA archives hold around 50% of the total CMIP5 output within the archives and have built a comprehensive series of data catalogue records covering these holdings.

This help article should assist users to :

Each simulation dataset record in the catalogue should include details in the abstract about various aspects of the data, such as :

  • realms
  • frequencies
  • ensemble members

Additionally, each dataset record is linked a "Project" record representing each modelling group's contribution to the CMIP5 project. On those records you will find information about the modelling group membership and also links to all the datasets that CEDA holds from the group.  Each Dataset will also be found under the linked "Dataset Colleciton" which pulls together all the datasets produced from a given model.

Quality control statements and Simulation details

For a large number of the dataset records there are links to background information which may be of use to users of the data. For example, on the dataset records there may be links to data quality check information held by DKRZ under the "Docs" tab, though this isn't available for all records. Similarly, under the "Process" tab users will find summary information about the simulation run, listing the component model and experiment parts and, where possible, linking out to related documentation held on the ES-DOC site.

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