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Platform records cover things such as: facility sites (e.g. MST radar site), field locations (e.g. Davidstow airfield), mobile vehicles carrying an instrument (e.g. aircraft, ship). They give background information on the Platform and NOT the data in the archive from the platform - this is accessed through the links to the relevant Observation (aka Dataset in the user view).

Field ( bold = mandatory field ) Description Checklist/*Controlled vocab explanations/ Notes Y/N
Title Short text title for the dataset. Do you understand the title?
Is the title brief and simple?
Does the title contain unexplained technical terms or acronyms?
Does the title describe the resource rather than the activity/project which produced it?
Is the title in sentence case?
Is the title in English?
Does the title contain non-standard characters (e.g. © ° ± ² ³ µ)?
Abstract Short text only entry that will be the first information that users will see about the text. Do you understand the abstract?
Is the abstract written in plain English?
Does the abstract describe the resource rather than an activity/project which produced it?
Do the first few sentences summarise the contents of the resource?
Does the abstract also explain 'Where', 'When', 'How', 'Why' and 'Who' (if appropriate)?
Does the abstract contain unexplained technical terms or acronyms?
Does the abstract contain non-standard characters (e.g. © ° ± ² ³ µ)?
Child platform To cover where there would be a platform of one type deployed at/on another platform - e.g. a 10m mast at Cardington. the 10m mast would be the child of the Cardington site will be rarely used, but useful when there are generic set-ups moved around or deployed at multiple locations.
Platform Type Controlled vocab to categorise the platform type more can be added - please suggest [work also needed to link this to a vocab in due course]
Platform location free text field for lat, long etc. needs more refinement. This should be a bounding box/point - or blank where not relevant (e.g. aircraft). For mobile platforms the location information is handled by the Operation in the Acquisition for the given dataset.
Identifiers Unless adding a new abbreviation, please leave these as given. the moles2 url is to ensure that users who find an reference in a paper to a MOLES2 record using the URLs given then can confirm to themselves that they are on the equivalent MOLES3 page.
Parties A list of people/organisations (called collectively a "party") involved with the instrument or the metadata record.
Select (or create) a named party from the list, select their role from the controlled vocabulary and, if more than one party carrying out that role, use the priority number to sequence them in this role.
* Operator - party who operates the instrument
* CEDA Officer - internal CEDA person responsible for the record
* Funder - party who funds the instrument
* Metadata Owner - party maintaining this metadata record (data centre)
* Point of Contact - default is the data centre, but may be used in due course for a named person from the author list too

Online Resources Online link to relevant resource - e.g. documentation.
There are set categories that should be used.
Do NOT use: DMP, Download, Apply for Access - these are handled elsewhere.
Do resource locators include titles which are concise, accurate accounts of the resource in question?
Do resource locators include descriptions which fully explain their purpose?
Reviews For carrying out metadata content reviews - not in proper operation just yet. For the time being please refer all new records to Anabelle or Graham for a review before they are published. This is to ensure consistent quality checks are carries out
Migration Properties All the old legacy content from the MOLES2 "Content" section is in here - split into the various div tags. Please leave the "moles2citation" at present, but look to move other items into other parts of MOLES if possible - e.g. add items under the links section to the online resources section. Once migrated feel free to delete content
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