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Data Scientists Crib-Sheet

This page provides a simple 1-stop page to pull together useful links for documetation about tools data scientist need for their work:

Wiki Entry Notes Relevant Tools
SVN Users Guide Getting code in, checking it out Browse svn repo
MOLES entry guidance notes Notes on how to style MOLES entries (note - was written for MOLES2, but can be applied to MOLES3 objects too!) MOLES 3 Editor
MOLES Review Form
New JASMIN ingestion system How to set up a new data stream set up
CEDA internal dataset info CEDA Info DB
Controlling access to the archive CEDA Security DB
Info on who has access to what CEDA User DB
Putting our Python packages on "PYPI" How to put Python Packages on "PYPI" for users to download ceda conformance checker

Some Useful Links.

Link Description Useful for Python regex cheatsheet useful reminder about regexes Python regex checker trialing regexes against sample text Lat lon calculation helper working our things like lat lon at a set distance from a given point for geographic extents in MOLES records
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