CEDA Archive Disaster Recovery Plan

Catastrophic Failure of CEDA Archive services

This page contains information about dealing with catastrophic failures which totally remove access to existing hardware, for example an uncontrolled fire in the main server room.

Contact is facility manager, Sam Pepler, 01235 446538 or 07823553553, sam.pepler@stfc.ac.uk


In the event of a catastrophic failure of the CEDA archive that shut down all services, CEDA management, in consultation with the NERC EDS management and CEDA would make a plan dependent on the impact of the catastrophic event. 

The priority would be to recover primary archive data rather than restarting services.

The order of events would be:

  1. New servers and storage would be purchased or rented ASAP. 
  2. Data from tape backups would be recovered.
  3. Recovery of non-primary archive data from external sources would start.
  4. Ingest services restart.
  5. Access Services restart.
  6. Community services restart.

Disaster Recovery

For non-catastrophic instance requiring recovery from back-up see standard recovery from back-up procedure.

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