Chemical Species Abbreviations


In keeping with the  filenaming convention for Instrumental (and other) datafiles, many of the names given in the current list of valid instrument names include abbreviations or shortened versions of the chemical species that are measured.

Chemical species abbreviations

This list provides standards for use with chemical and particulate data.

c Carbon
co Carbon monoxide
co2 Carbon dioxide
hc Hydrocarbons
hno2 Nitrous acid
hno3 Nitric acid
nh3 Ammonium
no Nitrogen monoxide
nox NO + NO 2
no2 Nitrogen dioxide
n2o Nitrous oxide
o3 Ozone
pm Particulate matter
pm1 PM 1
pm10 PM 10
pm2p5 PM 2.5
pmch Perfluoromethylcyclohexane C 7F14
pmcp Perfluoromethylcyclopentane C 6F12
so2 Sulfur dioxide
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