CEDA Document Repository

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) hosts a range of activities associated with environmental data archives.The CEDA document repository is for grey literature primarily concerning Earth observation and atmospheric sciences. 

As a visitor...

As a visitor to the repository, the content is publicly available enabling visitors to browse the documents within the repository without the need to register. The search option enables visitors to browse by year, author, subject or division. 

Visitors have a choice of whether to do a simple search: http://cedadocs.ceda.ac.uk/cgi/search/simple or an advanced search: http://cedadocs.ceda.ac.uk/cgi/search/advanced

Here is a link to a video tutorial instructing on how to do this:


As a user...

However, as a user of the repository, an account needs to be created in order to input items. The following link will direct the user to create an account or to login if an account has been created: http://cedadocs.ceda.ac.uk/cgi/register

To Note: This system uses a separate username and password from the CEDA website. There is no fee for registering with us or using any of the services within the repository. Anyone can have an account and submit to and browse the repository however entries will be moderated. 

If users forget their password to the repository, they can reset their password here by entering your registered email address: http://cedadocs.ceda.ac.uk/cgi/reset_password

The following link shows users how to create an account and how to deposit items into the repository:


Here is a link to a video tutorial instructing how to do this:


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