My Requested Data

For some CEDA services, such as the trajectory service, or for bespoke data extractions carried out by the helpdesk staff for our users will be placed in a user's "my requested data" directory.

The instructions below cover:

  • how to access the "my requested data" directory by http
  • how to access the "my requested data" directory by ftp 
Note: At present output from the CEDA Web Processing Service (CEDA WPS) is not available in the "my requested data" area. For full details on accessing the output of your CEDA WPS job requests please see the CEDW-WPS guide.

Accessing "my requested data" area by http (via MyCEDA)

Users should log into their myCEDA account by using the login button displayed at the top of the CEDA websites, or by going to:

From there you can find your "my requested data" area by selecting the tab and clicking on the link provided. This will then take you to your requested data area via FTP in your browser, which will look something like:

My Requested Data via FTP

You can then navigate and download data as required.

Accessing "my requested data" area by ftp

To access your requested data by ftp:

  1. connect to
  2. login with your ceda account details
  3. navigate to requests/<your account id>

You can then browse and download your area under this directory.  

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