Dataset Comments Tool

When browsing the  CEDA data catalogue users will see that there is a Comments button available on Dataset and Dataset Collection pages. This feature allows the wider user community to post comments about datasets and collections in the CEDA archives to share information such as:

  • Links to journal papers written using the data
  • links to other documents related to the data such as technical reports, calibration informaiton
  • Warnings about potential data issues users have identified
  • Links to other relevant datasets held outside the CEDA archives

How to use the tool

The following short video introduces the tool and how to read and add your own comments

Getting and using your CHARMe account

You can register to add comments via CHARMe at:

Once you've registered you will be able to add annotations to records, respond to other postings and also follow comments for a particular record. More information about following comments is given in the next section.

Following a Dataset and comments about it

CHARMe also allows you to follow a dataset record in the CEDA catalogue, ensuring that you are kept abreast of any new comments that other users, or indeed CEDA, have posted. These might alert you to new papers related to the data, updates to the dataset or notifications of any issues with the data. The following video provided further guidance on how to follow these records:


We welcome user feedback about this new feature to help us to develop it further. You can fill in a short survey here:

Further Information

The commenting tool used in the CEDA catalogue utilises the "CHARMe" plug-in developed by a host of organisations including the Met Office, ECMWF, DWD and STFC with support from EU-FP7 funding.

You can see a more detailed video about the CHARMe plugin tool here:

More information about the CHARMe project is here:

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