CEDA Web Processing Service (WPS)

The  CEDA Web Processing Service - or CEDA WPS - hosts a range of tools written by CEDA staff or imported external tools to help undertake various data preparation tasks. 

Access to WPS Tools

Whether or not you are able to make use of a specific tool in the  CEDA WPS will be dependant on the access you have to a given dataset that the tool will work on. However, at the very least you'll need a CEDA account to access some of the tools for our "public" and "registered user" datasets. See further reading below for more information about access types in the CEDA archives and how to get a CEDA account.

Finding a tool

You can see a full list of the tools in the CEDA WPS  here. There is a filter that can be used to search by matching terms in the titles of each tool. 

Alternatively, whilst the CEDA WPS can host tools for uploaded files, it can also link to files within the CEDA archives. For archive held data there are links to the relevant tools on their catalogue pages under the "Tools" tab. See further information about using the CEDA data catalogue below.

Using a WPS Tool

Each WPS tool has a user guide associated with it, which details the use of that tool. Additionally, the "View details" link for the tool will detail each input field used in the tool - these form the tool tips on the tool itself.

To submit a job simply follow the on-screen instructions, including logging in with your CEDA OpenID. Once the job has been prepared and submitted it will be queued to run on CEDA's system and you'll be sent an email when the run has complete. This email will include links to view the output. In some cases the output from one tool can also be fed into another tool - look out for this feature at the end of the running process.

Suggest/Request/Write a tool

The CEDA WPS is a service that has been designed to scale with both usage and with available tools. If you would like to see a specific tool in the CEDA WPS, please feel free to suggest this to us or ask about how you can write a Python tool to be included.

Further Reading about the CEDA WPS

You can find our more information about the CEDA WPS and the underlying technology, including how to install this on local systems in the documentation here: http://wps-web1.ceda.ac.uk/ui/homeui/homedocs/

Browser compatibility

The CEDA WPS has been tested with the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3+
  • Chrome 10+
  • Internet Explorer 8

If you test the CEDA WPS in other browsers and it works, please let CEDA Support know and we will add that to the above list.

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