Getting data usage information

CEDA will be able to provide data usage information for use in reporting to funding agencies to data providers where suitable statistics are available. All data usage information that we hold is covered by the Data Protection Act and as such data providers can only have access to the data use information for which permission has already been granted by the CEDA facility user.

If you have a specific data usage reporting requirement please discuss this prior to archiving data with CEDA to ensure that we can set up the required access control mechanisms to capture the required information. Otherwise it may not be possible for us to retrospectively either provide the information required as we do not have a suitable record or that user permission to make the information available to the data provider may not be in place.

The information that we are able to provide will depend on the type of access set (note - this is mainly for BADC and NEODC data, less information is held about UKSSDC and IPCC-DDC users). CEDA groups access as follows:

  • Open Access (Publicly available data)  - no registration is required so limited information available
  • Restricted Access - All registered users - users can be identified in usage logs therefore additional user profiling information available (e.g. research fields supported by dataset, countries of users making use of dataset)
  • Restricted Access - Application required - specific research descriptions available to permit authorisation of access to restricted resources in addition to user base profiling
Available Information Use Covers
Download statistics number of files and volume for a set period of time. public, registered user, restricted user
Userbase information To permit profiling of user base for dataset - e.g. research fields supported registered user, restricted user
Application information For dataset authorisers to determine if access should be granted to restricted resource restricted user only

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