Dataset Access Control and Licensing

CEDA recognises both the requirements to make data as open and as free possible for use by the wider community but also the need to protect data providers' IPR and right to first use of data provided. For all NERC funded research data providers are covered by the NERC Data Policy, whereby access can be limited to a maximum of 2 years after the date of collection/production - i.e. the date when the data were collected for observational data or the date when the simulation code produced data. 

CEDA therefore has various mechanisms to control access to data held in our archives to ensure that these two requirements are managed appropriately over time. The levels of control are as follows:

NOTE - conditions of use for the data are independent of the access control mechanism and all data users are required to adhere to the general CEDA conditions of use and the specific data licences pertaining to the data that they wish to use.

Publically available data Data are freely available to access, with no requirement for the user to register
Registered user accessible data Data are freely available to access
Restricted data for limited period Data are restricted for a set period of time, for example until 2 years after the date of production, after which access can be opened up to public/registered user. Access to such datasets is usually verified by a designated authoriser for applications.
Permanently restricted Typically only applying to third-party datasets that CEDA obtains for use by the wider research community where access needs to be controlled to ensure use is within permitted conditions (e.g. only UK academics; those with NERC funding). Applications for these data are usually verified by CEDA staff.

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