Supplying Catalogue Record and Other Information

To help users find data in CEDA archives it is important that we have correct information about the process through which the data were created and the background of the project for which the data were produced to support. These details can be sent via a text file with the data. We will assume a file in the top level of the delivered dataset with a .yaml extension contains the details of the dataset, project and instrument or model. Here is an example dataset details YAML file to use as a template. Adding the information this way helps keep the record and the data together.

 An alternative way to send these details is using the forms below. The questions that follow will help CEDA to gather the information that we need to create a dataset record in the CEDA data catalogue, which users utilise to find data and understand the processes that help created them.

Please choose the type of information that you wish to provide details for, these links will take you to a separate form to fill in:

Instrument - e.g. radiosonde, wind profiler, FAGE
Platform - vehicles or facility sites hosting an instrument
Project - overarching project that supported the research
Dataset - information specifically about the data/dataset

Other useful information

Besides the information areas covered in the above links it is also helpful to provide the following types of information to CEDA to help curate your data for long-term use:

  • links to useful websites
  • script to read in/plot the data
  • documentation related to particular data formats
  • copies of project logos
  • photographs of instruments and sites where the instrument is deployed
  • calibration information
  • links to related articles

Some of these areas are covered in the above forms, but we may ask you to submit copies of your content to the CEDA document repository or links to similar locations where we can guarantee persistent links to the content to include in our data catalogue records.

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