CEDA OpenDAP Service

The CEDA archives can be accessed an a variety of ways, such as via FTP clients and web browsers, but to aid greater remote usability of the CEDA archives CEDA has developed an "OPeNDAP" service providing extra tools and services to interact with the archive  - either within web browser sessions or via programming scripts.

What is OPeNDAP?

OPeNDAP stands for " Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol", and is a data transport architecture and protocol widely used by earth scientists, based on HTTP and the OPeNDAP protocol. 

What can you do with CEDA OPeNDAP?

The CEDA OPeNDAP service is an enhanced service beyond an ordinary opendap service. The CEDA OpenDAP service provides the following functionality:

  • Standard OPeNDAP services:
    • browse
    • opening files
    • downloading single files
    • sub-setting netCDF files
    • scripted interaction with files via OPeNDAP
  • Enhanced CEDA Services:
    • archive browsing
    • single and multiple fiie downloading
    • log into myCEDA accounts for access to restricted data
    • NASA-Ames file plotting

This page will provide details on how to use the CEDA OPenDAP service both within browser sessions and also via scripts, taking into account how to use the service when login details are required.

Scripted Interaction with archive via OPeNDAP

There are a variety of libraries available to interact with OPeNDAP services. The following are a few example sites detailing libraries for common languages used within the CEDA data community.

Whist some of these tools may work for public datasets held in the CEDA Archives, users wishing to use data available to registered CEDA users will need to follow additional steps to use security certificates as detailed on the  CEDA OPeNDAP: Scripted interactions help page.

python http://www.pydap.org/
matlab https://www.opendap.org/index.php/deprecated-software/matlab-loaddap
IDL https://www.opendap.org/index.php/deprecated-software/IDLClient

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