Migrate a JASMIN account from CEDA

This article explains how to migrate an existing JASMIN account from CEDA portal to the JASMIN account portal. There is an additional video tutorial at  Migrate existing JASMIN account from CEDA.

Step 1: On JASMIN account portal, select 'Migrate JASMIN account from CEDA"

Step 2: We encourage you to read on the reason for migrating JASMIN account from CEDA and on the migration process.  To start the migration process activate "Authenticate with CEDA" 

Step 3: Login into your CEDA account 

Step 4: Grant the JASMIN account portal access to your CEDA account details 

Step 5: You will be sent an email with a verification link.

Step 6: After email verification, you will be directed to set a password for the JASMIN account portal as shown below

Step 7: Sign in using JASMIN account portal

Step 8: Confirm to agree to the JASMIN terms and conditions of access

Finally, your JASMIN profile is displayed showing your username, email address and your SSH public key. The "Linked CEDA Account" feature shows that the two accounts are linked.

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