CEDA archive

This article describes the CEDA archive. This provides access to hundreds of data sets available to users logged in to JASMIN on the local file system.

Accessing the CEDA archive on JASMIN servers

The CEDA archive is made up of the BADC and NEODC archives. This is directly accessible as a file system from the shared science machines on JASMIN. Many data sets have restricted access that requires you to first apply for access to the data directly from the data centres. Once you have been given authorisation from the data centre you will be given the needed UNIX groups that will allow read access to the archive data on JASMIN. 

Use the  CEDA website to apply for the data you need. You can use the standard FTP and web based access methods to transfer data from the BADC or NEODC to JASMIN group workspace. As the data centres use the same JASMIN infrastructure the transfer rates are high. See the BADC and NEODC sites for details of datasets.

The contents of the CEDA archive are available on the file system under  /badc and /neodc. 

Archive access groups

As a JASMIN user, you are already a member of the Linux group open. This gives you file system access to the CEDA archive unrestricted data sets. For restricted data sets file system access on JASMIN, you have to apply via MyCEDA service on the CEDA website. Upon application approval, you will be added to the relevant  access control groups for the requested data set. The available archive access control groups are: esacat1 ecmwf ukmo open eurosat byacl cmip5_research ukmo_wx ukmo_clim gws_specs.  Access is controlled by Unix groups.

Accessing data in the archive

In the example below, the logged-in user is listing the contents of the CRU data sets within the BADC archive. These are "open" so all logged-in users can access them:

$ ls -l /badc/cru/data
total 320
-rw-r-----  1 badc open  396 Feb 18  2015 00README
drwxr-x---  8 badc open 4096 Mar 22 10:32 cru_cy
drwxr-x---  4 badc open 4096 Dec  6  2014 crutem
drwxr-x--- 12 badc open 4096 May  9 14:11 cru_ts
drwxr-x---  3 badc open 4096 Feb 18  2015 PDSI

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