Get Started with JASMIN

This article explains the steps involved for most scientific end-users to gain access to the JASMIN environment.

The  JASMIN scientific data analysis environment is administered by CEDA and supports a wide variety of scientific workflows across environmental science domains. 

Login access to the JASMIN environment is currently serviced from the  JASMIN accounts portal, so you must have an active account on the JASMIN account portal.

The steps listed below are those required for scientific end-users to gain access to the JASMIN login machines which are the "front door" for most users. Other services are available once these basic steps have been completed.

Table 1. Steps involved for a scientific end user to gain login access to JASMIN

Step Details Comments
1 Generate an SSH key  register an SSH key via JASMIN account portal (Step4)
2 Get a JASMIN account This will give you access to the  JASMIN accounts portal where you can apply for further resources
3 Check network details  
4 Get a login account Apply from JASMIN account portal 
5 Apply for access to additional services on JASMIN Example:  
Apply to access a Group Workspace from JASMIN account portal
6 How to login  
Get a CEDA account  For access to restricted data on Archive 
8 Link your JASMIN and CEDA accounts This is a step which you will be guided through in the JASMIN account portal.

In most cases, users will "belong" to a particular scientific project which may already have a presence on JASMIN, often in the form of a Group Workspace. Users are encouraged to read further about JASMIN, and/or to discuss with scientific colleagues to gain an understanding of the resources available before applying.

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